Qwest Money Management Systems
Qwest Money Management Systems


DISCOVER how to pay off your mortgage in 9-14 years (or less) on your existing income.


Step 1. Free Consultation

We'll explain why your mortgage is not going down as fast as it should and what you can do about it.  We'll provide you with a mortgage debt analysis and what you can save.  Our consultations are also free of judgment, jargon, and obligation.

Step 2. Program Setup

We'll set you up so you are in control and know your spending. That way you can increase your savings going directly into your mortgage.  We provide a thorough cash flow analysis and work intensively with you in the first couple of months to ensure you are off to a flying start.

Step 3. Monthly Accountability

We'll check in with you each month and you'll provide a monthly spending report that we go over together.  Scared, Yes that's part of what helps you and us to achieve greater savings and results.  We want you to be conscious about spending your money and not let it evaporate into thin air when it can be saving you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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A Proven Method To Cut Debt and Create Wealth.

At last a method of managing money and creating true wealth that is so simple it's easier to do it than not to do it! 

Did you know you can: get completely out of debt, start building real wealth in just a few years - just with the money you already earn

In just 3 and a half years you can:

  • Reduce home loan dramatically
  • Save on unnecessary interest 
  • Control and manage money easier
  • Improve your lifestyle
  • Start investing money
  • You can be totally debt free in under 10 years!

5 Powerful Benefits to Being in Control of Your Money

Money is not everything, but without a sense of control over your money, life can be full of stress and drama.  We can help eliminate the financial stress and this helps reduce the impact of life's inevitable drama. 

The Qwest Money Management Program is not about clever investments, working on boring budgets, but instead, it is a simple, practical, approach to creating wealth in the future and a quality of life today.

The five key immediate benefits you will get from our unique program include.

  1. Reduce Stress - As you gain control
  2. Piece Of Mind - Reduce loans and create a buffer!
  3. Good Habits - We keep you motivated and on-track
  4. Confidence for the future - By seeing results you achieved
  5. Creating Wealth - Your wealth opportunities will grow



Ashley Black - Accountant

"We have looked at the Master Achiever Program in some detail. We thoroughly endorse what it is doing and believe that the program offered is based on sound economic principles backed up by a professional and ethical approach... Keep up the good work."

Tim Baldock - Financial Planner

"Firstly as a senior Banker and then in later years as a financial planner, I have been privileged to watch the Master Achiever system develop and become enormously successful. This is an incredible product and service. I have personally spoken to and dealt with many, many Master achiever clients over a number of years who, without exception, are delighted with their program."

David Caboz - Client

"Since becoming part of the MAP program in September 2002 we have been more than impressed with the impact that the strategies have made to our financial position. We now know exactly what we spend and where we've spent it, which has helped make us comfortable to purchase our first investment. "



Our Secret To Success

"We don't just show people what to do - We work with them to make sure they do it" -  That is the secret to our impressive track record over the last 22+ years. It's a bit like weight watchers where you have to weigh in every month.
Our clients have to report in every month so we can help them fine tune what they are doing. By doing this we get amazing results.  The accountability aspect of what we are doing helps to make everything else we teach work synergistically and help them get their mortgage paid off in record time.

What We Are Not

It is important to know that we are not mortgage brokers or finance brokers.  We are not trying to sell you a loan.  We work with you to get your loans paid off fast.  However, we do review your current loan structure and rates and if we see that you can get a better deal to accelerate your debt reduction we will refer you on.  However, that is not the purpose of what we do.  We are about a systematic program to get your mortgage debt down in the fastest possible time.
We are also not financial planners.  A financial planner will look at your life insurances, superannuation and then your investment opportunities.  We focus on reducing debt.  By reducing debt within your mortgage you will increase your capacity to invest which is where a financial advisor or investment advisor can help.

How to Find Out More

To find out more about the "How to pay off your mortgage in 9 - 14 years- or less" program, simply email, text or call our office.  We will speak with you and usually set up a 1-hour appointment to show you how our program works (In Person or Via a Screen Share and Phone Hookup) and how much it costs to be on our debt reduction coaching program.
And you will be pleasantly surprised at how little it does cost compared to the tens and often over one hundred to two hundred thousand dollars in interest you will save.  This is money that becomes your wealth for you to spend and not the banks. What could you do with an extra two hundred thousand dollars?  Please contact Kevin Gibbs or Elaine Caudwell our debt reduction money coaches to discover how the program will work for you.  And yes, we can help you no matter where you live in Australia.
Kevin Gibbs
Debt Reduction and Wealth Building Coach
QWEST Money Management Systems

P.S. GOT A MORTGAGE? - This program is for you - Pay down your mortgage fast without feeling you are.  On average our clients clear their 30-year mortgage in 9-14 years and some faster. IMAGINE if that was you...Now imagine if you had started when you first got your mortgage and how much closer you would be. We are mortgage debt coaches that educate you and keep you on track to be mortgage free. Paying down your mortgage debt fast will give you so many investment and wealth building opportunities.  And remember, paying off your own mortgage is a tax-free investment, any other investment will attract tax on investment gains.  You don't know when in the future you will come under severe financial, health or other pressures.  Avoid financial pressure by paying down your mortgage fast and by being mortgage-stress-free you will be much more healthy.