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Debt Coach to Pay Off Your Mortgage 

Close to 40% of Australian Home Buyers Retire With A Mortgage When They Should Be Retiring Debt Free.


Let's face it you are here for one of two reasons.


  1. You are super proactive and wanting to learn how to reduce your mortgage fast, or
  2. You have been going no-where with your mortgage for years and now you are starting to panic


Across Australia, there is an alarming pattern of many home buyers not paying off their home loans before they hit their retirement years.  Many live in your suburb and surrounding areas. Many of them are your friends, family, and social contacts.  This is a devastating statistic for these people and Australia's overall wealth and well being.  


It is great that close to 60% of the Australian home buyers will pay off their mortgages by the time they retire as this gives them control and comfort in their future.  But what has gone wrong with other 40%.


We believe this number should be closer to zero as we have found a successful way that has helped hundreds of home buyers eradicate their mortgage in the last 25 years by using a simple, proven, and easy-to-implement system.


The causes of not having made the right steps to pay your mortgage down and reduce the financial stress and burden that a mortgage has on you and your family are many, but fortunately, the solution is simple and we can teach it to you.


"We didn’t say it was easy, but it is simple and after a while, it does become easy."


You may be one of the lucky self motivated, organised, financially disciplined people out their that can work out the answers and implement them unassisted, or you may be struggling with the overwhelm of running the family finances and worrying constantly, or you may be coasting and thinking you are going fine only to look back 5-10 years and think that you could be in a far better position if you had made more of an effort.


We’ve found that for many clients, having a money coach to retrain them out of bad daily, weekly and monthly money habits and replace these with debt reduction, wealth building habits generates a massive amount of self-confidence, self-reliance and self-discipline.


Simply put we provide both education and we make you accountable to someone other than yourself.  Like a fitness coach, or a weight loss coach, or a tennis coach.  We provide the magic ingredients of skills plus motivation and accountability.


Then you will become increasingly self-motivated as you see yourself achieving your goals of rapid debt reduction on your mortgage which results in faster wealth creation and the ability to take advantage of future wealth creation opportunities.


We know that you cannot control interest rates, or whether you get a pay rise every year, but you do have some control over how you spend your money.  Of course, not all the money you earn is yours.  Some of it is the banks, the tax man, electricity, gas, fuel, rates and so on.  But we can help you set up and structure your money flow to cover all these items and emergencies while making a massive dent in your mortgage.  To the point, we help most of our clients pay off their mortgages within 9-14 years, and not 30 years or never.


This will put back into your pocked potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in saved interest to enjoy a better lifestyle for you and your family in the short, medium and long-term.


A friends father always said, “You don’t know, what you don’t know”.  And at least 40% of Aussie homeowners don’t know how to get themselves debt free in time for retirement.  We can not only show you and coach you to massively reduce your mortgage and pay it off, but we can as you demonstrate your growing money management skills, help you pay down loans on current or future investment properties.


We are money management specialists in that we teach you, motivate you and derive satisfaction from your achieving your goals at a happier, financially in control and prosperous life.

Now you may be wondering how we as your money and debt reduction coach get paid, and the good news is that we get paid a small amount from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars you will save on interest by paying off your mortgage faster than you ever thought possible.

Give us a call to explain how Qwest Money Management Systems can help you towards massively reducing and even eliminating your mortgage in the next 9-14 years.

Our presentation is Free, information packed and there is no obligation to take on one of our mortgage debt reduction specialists.  But if it makes sense to you like the hundreds of other families we have helped over the past 22 years, then you will benefit immensely.



Kevin Gibbs

Mortgage Debt Reduction Coach

Qwest Money Management Systems